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    Rionet Hearing Aid HB-23PT with Battery and Case NEW

    Our Price: $94.50


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    Rionet Hearing Aid HB-23PT with Battery and Case NEW
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    This product is a Rionet Hearing Aid HB-23PT with Battery and Case.

    This item is new and in an open box.


    SMT (Surface Mount technology) adopted for much higher product reliability

  • World most inexpensive hearing-instruments with unbelievable high quality
  • Water resistant technology applied to housing design against moisture
  • Small case design but bigger operating switch

    Special Design:

  • Switch and Control Easy to Operate

    Rion has given careful consideration to people with poor manual dexterity in the design and placement of the volume control, switch and battery compartment. These controls as well as the user instructions are ease of operation.

  • Sturdy and Perspiration/Water-resistant trimmer System

    The trimmer is rotated indirectly using the setting cap, so damage is kept to a minimum with and almost completely sealed structure, it has excellent perspiration and dust resistant properties.

  • Windscreen Effect

    HB-23P/PT is equipped with a front microphone and windscreen. This windscreen reduces the wind noise by as much as 20 dB. Suitable S/N can be maintained even in a windy environment.

  • Drain Hole

    A drain hole is located on the lower part of the case to naturally drain moisture and perspiration that may get inside the hearing aid.

    Shipping/ Handling is free to the Continental United States.

  • Home  > All Items  > Product Information

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