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    3 Mugs Hospital Clinic Clear Insulated Graduated 32 oz 32oz New Whirley Drink Works!

    Our Price: $40.00


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    3 Mugs Hospital Clinic Clear Insulated Graduated 32 oz 32oz New Whirley Drink Works!
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    The mugs listed in this auction are for the three identical mugs pictured. (No Substitutions) They are each semi-transparent with the same logo and with purple sparkles. They each have a purple lid and purple handles.

    This item is for "Three" (3) new 32 ounce insulated plastic drinking mugs. (These items are new, but not in shrinkwrap or packaging) Each mug/cup has a straw and a handle.

    The clear plastic mug/ cup allows you to see exactly how much liquid you have left in your glass. A flexible plastic straw included. This type lid is designed for cold drink.

    We really like the quality of the Whirley 32 oz plastic mug.

    This item is made by Whirley Drink Works! and we are fairly certain that Whirley was the manufacturer of the Weight Watcher's 32 ounce insulated plastic mugs. Not that these are identical to the Weight Watchers Mugs, but they seem to be of similar quality.

    These have plastic code number five (5) inside a triangle. We understand that means they are made of Polypropylene. These are not clear like glass, are somewhat clouded, but we can readily make out the details of the straw inside the container.

    Click Here to see other quantities and types of insulated mugs we are offering in our eBay Store: BIDFLEX.

    We may have more than one type of insulated mugs listed in our store. If you look in our store and find other insulated mugs, please check to make sure it is the size, type, brand, etc that you are wanting to purchase. Do not assume every cup or mug assortment in our store is identical to this one.

    Shipping/ Handling is set at $7.00 to the Continental United States.

    Home  > All Items  > Product Information

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