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    Light Dependent Resistor LDR Photocell 250 Bulk VT43N1

    Our Price: $175.00


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    Light Dependent Resistor LDR Photocell 250 Bulk VT43N1
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    This is a bulk lot of PerkinElmer VT43N1 photocell resistors.

    There are 250 pieces in this lot.

    We may have other quantities available in our eBay store.

    From the manufacturers website:

    Photocells or Light Dependant Resistors can provide a very economic and technically superior solution for many applications where the presence or absence of light is sensed (digital operation) or where the intensity of the light needs to be measured (analog operation). The VT 400 Series photocells are low cost, ceramic devices that have voltage rating up to 400 volts peak and a continuous power dissipation rating of 400 mW. This series photocell is used in high power and voltage applications such as street light controls.

    Shipping on this item is set at $3.00 to the Continental United States.

    Light Dependent Resistor LDR Photocell 100 Bulk VT43N1


    Light Dependent Resistor LDR Photocell 50 Bulk VT43N1


    Home  > Product Information

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